Torres Completes Airport Contraband, Illegal Drug and Explosives Detection Training for Law Enforcement Officers and Prosecutors from Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil

September 14th, 2017 | Alex Caro

July 2017 – Paraguay

Torres completed an Airport Contraband, Illegal Drug and Explosives Detection Course for Law Enforcement Officers from Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. The students were primarily investigators and prosecutors form the three nations. The training began with familiarization of airport operations using a 3D model of an airport. The students learned and practiced detection of Radiation Substances using Radiation Detection Equipment, Drug Detection using Illegal Drug Detection Equipment and Drug Detection Dogs and Explosives Detection using Explosives Detection Scanners, Explosive Detection Itemizers, X-Ray Machines and Explosives Detection Dogs. The students were also taught overall airport security, surveillance and airport outer perimeter and inner facility control. The students also learned how to identify suspicious activity and suspicious individuals through visual surveillance techniques. The students put their knowledge into practice by performing their newly acquired skills at an international airport in which they inspected bags, packages, shipments, aircraft and airport personnel and passengers throughout the airport facilities.

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