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March 28th, 2017 | Alex Caro

March 24, 2017 – Over 40 Police, Special Agents and Special Operations personnel from different operational units of the Paraguayan National Police graduated from the Police Basic and Advanced Criminal Investigation Course and the Basic Prison Guard Course. Graduates also included Special Agents of SENAD, the DEA counterpart of Paraguay. The training was carried out by multinational firm Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions (Torres) of Virginia, USA and supported by the United States Embassy in Paraguay.

The Police Advanced Criminal Investigation Course included a real time cyber investigation of a current terrorist suspect which resulted in 255 positive identification and relationship hits. Torres donated a Cyber Forensics computerized system to the Paraguayan National Police to continue its counter-cybercrime efforts that include human trafficking, illegal narcotics, money laundering, terrorism and kidnapping, Torres also donated a dual purpose Narcotics Detection and Patrol K-9 from Kansas USA that will be used by an elite Paraguayan Special Operations unit in Counter Narcotics and Counter Terrorism operations. The courses lasted a month and were taught by former Police and Military Instructors who came from the United States, Panama and Argentina.

The front row in the picture depicts a Security Officer, Political Officer and the Acting Ambassador from the US Embassy and the new Minister of Interior and Commander of the Paraguayan National Police. The CEO of Torres, who planned and managed the training with members of the U.S. Embassy is depicted giving the graduation speech to the Paraguayan students.

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The Final Ceremony for The Paraguayan Police Training Course Was Held at the Hotel Sheraton in Asunción, Paraguay.

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