Torres Provides Medical Research Grant to Historically Black College

April 27th, 2017 | Alex Caro

April 26, 2017

Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, LLC (Torres) is providing a grant to Howard University’s College of Medicine in Washington D.C. in the amount of USD $50,000 to conduct medical research to understand the evolution of the neurovascular anatomy of human brains over time. This project will serve to educate underserved minority undergraduate and graduate students at the historically black university in order to stimulate increased STEM participation in the field of evolutionary biology.
The head of the research team is Dr. Sulman Rahmat, Principal Investigator (P.I.) and Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy at Howard University’s College of Medicine. Funds will be used to purchase required imaging software, laboratory and other technical equipment and a specialized digital microscope with 3D-measuring capabilities.
The study will be the basis for future world-wide collaborative projects, with scientists from France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Japan and the U.S. and is expected to be published in peer-reviewed journals.

Howard University’s College of Medicine in Washington D.C.