Prison Operations and Prison Guard Train the Trainer Course

Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
U.S. Embassy, Paraguay

Prison Operations and Prison Guard Train the Trainer Course Overview

This course provides trainers with a detailed understanding of the key principles governing prison operations and oversight, including practical exercises and classroom demonstrations.

The objective of the training program is to offer a practical understanding of the course material that can be applied to real-life scenarios in order to:

  • Enhance the trainer’s professional capabilities as prison operators and improve the overall efficacy of the Prison System in which they serve; and
  • Foster relationships with other countries involved in extradition involved with their Prison Systems

Course Curriculum

Day 1 Classes:

  • Introduction and Welcome to Basic Prison Guard Training
  • Prison Environment, Organization and Operations
  • Corruption, Integrity and Ethics in Government
  • Respect for the Human Rights of Suspects, Arrestees and Detained Persons
  • Prison Guard Duty Equipment (Part 1)
  • Prison Guard Duty Equipment (Part 2)
  • Remedial Training

Day 2 Classes:

  • Prison Guard Duty Equipment (Part 3)
  • Prisoner and Visitor Searches
  • Searches of Vulnerable Populations
  • Vehicle Screening and Searches
  • Remedial Training

Day 3 Classes:

  • Vehicle Searches (Continued from Previous Day)
  • Canines in Prison and Law Enforcement
  • The Emergency Action Plan
  • Response to Prison Emergencies (Part 1)
  • Remedial Training

Day 4 Classes:

  • Response to Prison Emergencies (Part 2)
  • Response to Prison Emergencies (Part 3)
  • Review and Practice of Course Practical Exercises
  • Remedial Training

Day 5 Classes:

  • Course Final Written Examination
  • Course Performance Examination
  • Remedial Examinations
  • Movement to Graduation Ceremony
  • Graduation Ceremony (Invite Family & Friends)

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