Client Services

  • Military and Police (Hand-to-Hand) Combat and Self-Defense

    Torres teaches hand-to-hand combat and self-defense to U.S. and foreign governments using the U.S. Army’s Combatives Standard to build fig…

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  • Enterprise-Wide Information Technology and Software Solutions

    Torres’s Information Technology Consulting Teams deliver enterprise-wide information technology (IT) and software solutions for govern…

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  • Police, Prison, Investigation and Justice Training

    Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions has significant experience assisting foreign governments in establishing and enhancing their law en…

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  • Enterprise Transformation Solutions

    Torres’s Enterprise Consulting team is the author of enterprise transformation methodologies that are used to train government and com…

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  • Cyber Security Solutions

    Protection of business, government and personal communications, including conversations, emails, and intellectual property, is critical to…

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  • Global Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions

    Torres provides global logistics and supply chain services, including the implementation and maintenance of critical sustainment services an…

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  • Language Services

    Torres is a highly valued language services firm that provides linguistic services to multi-national firms and government clients, including…

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  • Military and Law Enforcement Services

    Torres provides Media Monitoring and Reporting and Information Operations (IO) services in support of the U.S. Government and Armed Forc…

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  • Program Management Solutions

    Torres’s Program Management consulting team is the author of Program Management Methodology (PMM) that includes the design, implementation…

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  • Security and Protective Services

    Torres is among the most respected security and protection service providers and consulting firms around the globe. Torres is the seco…

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  • Business Transformation Text Books

    The Definitive Step-by-Step Guides to Transform Your Enterprise
    Torres is the author of business, technology and transformation text books …

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  • US Government Contract Vehicles

    Torres works with several U.S. Government contract vehicles to implement services. These services include:

    Linguist Services


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