Language Services

Torres is a highly valued language services firm that provides linguistic services to multi-national firms and government clients, including U.S. Presidents and Vice Presidents and Prime Ministers, in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.  Torres provides language services and training in more than 190 languages and dialects across all subject matters, including political, economic, scientific, commercial, legal, and educational.

Our language services include:

  • Interpretation, including Simultaneous, Consecutive, Conference and Teleconference, Telephonic and Meeting/Event Interpretation
  • Translation, including of Webpages, Books, Magazines, Articles, Manuals, Legal Briefs, Vital Documents and Architectural and Engineering Diagrams
  • Transcription of Audio and Video News Events, Broadcasts, Webcasts and Training Events
  • Law Enforcement and Intelligence Monitoring, including of Subjects, Suspects, Criminals and Terrorists
  • Sign Language, including for News Events, Broadcasts, Webcasts, Training and Meetings
  • Exotic, Extinct and Endangered Language Research and Reverse Engineering
  • Worldwide Language Support under Hazardous and Austere Conditions including in Global Conflict Areas
  • 24-Hour Language Services with One-Hour Language Service Turn-Around
  • A 24-Hour Language Support Center to Respond to Emergency Interpretation, Translation, Transcription and Monitoring Requests