Global Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions

Torres provides global logistics and supply chain services, including the implementation and maintenance of critical sustainment services and infrastructure, local and international provisioning and supply chain management. We establish global, regional and local supply chains that span continents, nations and geographical barriers regardless of the mission, threat or hazard. Torres builds and maintains supply chain solutions in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East under hazardous and hostile conditions including in Iraq, Afghanistan, North and Sub-Saharan Africa and remote areas of South America.



Torres’s logistics and supply chain capabilities and services include:

  • International, Regional and Local Shipment of Equipment, Supplies and Personnel
  • Secure Movement of Monetary Instruments such as Cash
  • Continuous Supply Chain Management of Equipment, Supplies and Consumables, including Provisioning, Storage and Maintenance of High-Value Equipment:
    • Armored and Soft-Skin Vehicle and Equipment
    • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Provisioning of Food Stuffs and Meal Preparation
  • Provisioning and Distribution of Fuel and Petroleum Products
  • Implementation and Maintenance of Water Purification Systems
  • Implementation and Maintenance of Life Support, including Billeting, Dining, Bath, etc.
  • Implementation and Maintenance of Electrical Power Plants and Facilities
  • Implementation and Maintenance of Armory and Ammunition Storage Facilities
  • Implementation and Maintenance of Satellite, Internet and Remote Cell Phone Service
  • Provisioning and Maintenance of Aircraft Parts, Components and Supplies