Two New Security Clients in Argentina

July 2nd, 2018 | Alex Caro

July 1, 2018

During the past two weeks Torres-Argentina has added two new significant customers with multi-year security contracts in Argentina. The two new customers are the Union of Argentina Rugby (UAR) and ACQUA Logistics, SRL (ACQUA). Both new customers have their headquarters in the city of Buenos Aires Argentina.

UAR represents the unionized rugby players within the Argentina National Rugby league and the Argentina National Team that plays rugby world-wide in the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF). The Argentina National Rugby team, known as the Penguins, competes against the national teams of Australia, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Samoa, South Africa, Ukraine, the United States and dozens more. Our Security Force personnel will begin to protect UAR facilities 24/7 next week. ACQUA is an Argentina-wide logistics company with a fleet of heavy duty long-haul transportation trucks that transport containers, heavy construction equipment, grain, cattle, petroleum, coal and more to and from the major ports and cities in Argentina. They also transport these products to and from the terrestrial ports of entry of the surrounding countries; Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay. Our Security Force personnel began to protect ACQUA facilities 24/7 one week ago.

These two customers are in addition to one of our largest Argentina-based clients, YCRT, which is an Argentina government-owned energy company, under the Ministry of Energy and Mining with energy, mining and exploration sites throughout the nation, including their farthest south site located in a village named “Rio Turbio” or in English “Turbulent River”. The location is just outside of the Antarctic Circle making it so frigid in the winter that the Government of Argentina pays its employees, and our Security Force personnel, a COLD Premium Pay.
These customers are in addition to the 12 new clients our Argentina team has added during the past year. Please help me extend Congratulations to our team in Argentina who built Torres-Argentina from the ground up.